Just a slight request, beautiful Swan Queen writers.

Fanfic where Emma/Regina are gravitating to each other despite established yet unfulfilling Regina/Robin and Emma/Hook relationships is becoming my new favorite thing. Because the stuff I have found so far is just painfully good with plot.

Can you guys write more of it? Please? It just feels like the logical step right now where canon is.

Let’s face it, Emma and Regina can’t fuck in the Mayor’s office forever, a la season one. The fanfic needs to evolve with the show. It helps to keep that hope burning. Otherwise we are clinging to a wreck of a ship, when she could be sailing on just fine because she is adapting.

The situation alone of married couples that shouldn’t have happened even though they were told it darn well should have happened, because of fairy dust or a sense of obligation, places a new layer of complexity over them that just makes my heart squeeze.

Because I clearly have so much free time.

I started drafting the fanvid I want to see made.

Because shit. It’s not like a full time job, getting a masters degree, and moving this week are taking away all my time or anything.

It’s been ages since I made a fanvid (Otalia, ohhhh shit), and let’s face it, I need to get the cobwebs out. I just see it so well in my minds eye. But we know how that can turn out.

So. Eventually. Emma/Regina set to Berlin. Still deciding if I want Ry X or Sam Smith.

Should we really question all of this?


Sometimes I ask myself how the writers see or if it is intentional, the total change of the personalities of the characters, from season one to now. I’m not talking, for example, about Regina redemption arc, because we actually saw that happening. But I’m talking about Emma in season 2 suddenly accepting all the fairy tale thing and all the responsibilities (which, btw, even JMo said was out of character), the woobification of Hook, or the OOCness of some of the Outlaw Queen scenes. 

But after the inconsistency of the writing and the show’s poor detailed story lines, could that really be questioned?

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Where I have ideas that I don’t have time to act on…

So. Someone should make a fanvid to Sam Smith’s cover of Berlin. Where it seems like an Outlaw Queen video but really is Swan Queen. Because it could be so beautiful and heartbreaking and happy all at once.